Share Transfer Agreement Hong Kong

You may want to change the structure of your company`s actions. either by the arrival of new shareholders or by the modification of the existing share of shares between shareholders – this is most often through the transfer of shares. A share transfer is the process of transferring existing shares from a person to existing shareholders or third parties, either through the sale or donation and is a joint exercise conducted by Hong Kong companies. Let`s delve deeper into the article to get full information on how share transfers work in Hong Kong. 5. After the stamp of the form, the information provided by the buyer for registration in the register of companies is confirmed. After successful registration, the transfer of shares of the company is considered complete The presentation of the shareholders` pact defines the conditions of interaction between shareholders and what happens when one or more of them want to leave the company or something happens that forces the exit of a shareholder or the closure of the company. Each company should therefore have provisions relating to the transfer of shares in its statutes. The transfer of shares must be carried out in accordance with these provisions. Although there is no binding or specific possibility of limiting share transfers, the most common restrictions found in companies are: corporate restructuring – change of shareholders for calculating the net inventory value of the transfer shares, you should submit the above documents to the IRD assessor for the process of amending social shareholders in Hong Kong. To ensure the success of the share transfer process, it is essential to ensure that all documents that will be submitted to the Hong Kong government have been properly prepared and that your company has taken the necessary steps to comply with local laws and regulations.

As noted above, the company would be required to submit the audit report within six months of the date of the share transfer or administrative accounts within 3 months of that date. If you. B Submit the audit report for the year ending December 31, 2018, you can transfer your shares at any time before June 30, 2019 before you have to submit another set of updated financial accounts. For example, if a company has a net asset of HKD 10,000 and half of the total shares are transferred. The amount of tax stamped would then be payable: when a person acquires or proposes to acquire shares in a Hong Kong company, the Hong Kong company (or one of its subsidiaries) is prohibited from providing direct or indirect assistance in acquiring it. The issuance of new shares of a company in Hong Kong includes the allocation of shares to each person by the directors and the issuance of new shares to those individuals, after being registered in the company`s shareholder register with the corresponding data. If you have not prepared an updated audit or administrative account, you may need to search for or prepare an accountant. That would be the longest part of the share transfer. Contact us in Startupr for more information about your updated accounts or how you can help in this process. Despite these provisions, there are no specific restrictions on share transfers in the corporate settlement. Therefore, the most common ways to change the associates of the company are mentioned below – For those who are not familiar with Hong Kong laws, it is best to hire a service professional who is certified to assist in these cases. The FastLane Group has extensive experience in assisting our clients in all matters related to corporate secretarial services and can help you prepare and file all Hong Kong share transfer documents on your behalf.

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