Nsf Cooperative Research Agreement

Other complementary I/UCRC programs: I/UCRC centers are entitled to US$5,000 per year to help a woman, an underrepresented minority, or a research assistant with a disability conduct research in the center. In addition, the I/UCRC program will provide up to US$25,000 per year for a year or two to support in-center research conducted by a faculty member of a bachelor`s or primarily undergraduate institution. This application must be approved by the IAB and the search can be carried out either at the centre`s home institution or at the faculty member`s home institution. A concept document describing the proposed centre should be submitted to the SNSF for internal review. The concept document must be approved by an I/UCRC Program Director prior to the adoption of a planning grant or operations centre grant proposal. Authorisation decisions shall be taken regularly and no later than three months after receipt of a concept document. The proposed centres, which fit into the collaborative field of industry and academia, are considered potentially viable and do not significantly have to the research centre of other programme-funded centres funded by the programme and are encouraged to submit a grant proposal for planning. Centers that are ready to operate at full capacity as part of cross-center projects: in order to expand the research base of a center, it is possible to submit a proposal for a cooperation project involving researchers from an I/UCRC program center with other centers funded by the I/UCRC or the NSF. This type of project may respond to industrial research interests that could not be addressed by any centre. The experimental design of an inter-central interconnection project must be drawn up jointly by all the researchers concerned and lead to a single proposal submitted by all the centres participating in the project.

Each centre can apply for up to $25,000 per year for two years. The funds requested by each centre must be cross-checked by that centre and a letter supporting the use of the Centre`s funds for this purpose by the Industrial Advisory Board of each cooperating centre must be included in the proposal. A Facility Use and Service Agreement (FUSA) is an agreement that allows non-USGS parties to use unique USGS laboratory facilities, special equipment, and/or services that are not readily available by the private sector for research or technological development activities. Operational centers can be located in a single university or higher education institution or be initiated by more than one institution. The initial I/UCRC award given to a centre has a potential duration of five years, based on sufficiently meritorious achievements and successes in maintaining the leverage effect of NSF aid. Support for the I/UCRC program can reach $100,000 per year for the duration of the first award, so that the Centre can effectively manage its research and education program offered in partnership with its other sponsors. NSF support is intended to complement the Centre`s support from industry and other sponsors. Operational Center Awards proposals are evaluated by an external peer review.

The Industry/University Collaborative Research Program (I/UCRC) was established in 1973 to develop long-term partnerships between industry, the Academy and government. .

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