Purchase Agreement Viewing As Supplier Duty

4.1. If the place of delivery is not specified and if, unless otherwise agreed, the delivery is made at our place of business in Laupheim. The relevant delivery location also represents the place of execution for delivery and eventual execution (delivery obligation to us).4.2. Delivery is at the supplier`s risk. Shipments must be paid in advance. We do not pay for freight in advance.4.3. Transportation insurance must be organised by the supplier. The supplier is responsible for the damage caused by inappropriate packaging, in particular failure to comply with the shipping instructions.4.4. The supplier must correctly identify all deliveries that are subject to mandatory identification. Identification must also be made in the confirmation of the order and on all transit documents. If the identification is incomplete, we are not responsible for the resulting processing or payment delays. The supplier bears all costs and fees.4.5. The delivery voucher must be attached to the shipment as an accompanying document.

For the purpose of receiving goods, the delivery order must indicate the number and date of our order as well as the item numbers and quantity. Bills are not delivery vouchers. The supplier is responsible for all the consequences of not complying with this obligation, as long as it is unable to prove that it is not responsible for non-compliance. In the absence of a delivery voucher or if it is incomplete, we are not responsible for the resulting processing or payment delays.4.6. Unless it is agreed on a case-by-case basis, partial delivery is not permitted. In any event, a partial delivery already made does not constitute a stand-alone operation.4.7. The supplier is required to provide correct packaging and, if necessary, detailed documentation in accordance with applicable rules.4.8. The supplier has a right of compensation or retention only for counter-claims confirmed or uncontested by a final court decision.4.9. The supplier does not have the right to enforce its contract without our prior written consent by third parties (z.B subcontractors). Unless agreed otherwise on a case-by-case basis (for example. B if it is limited to inventory), the supplier bears the supply risk associated with its services.4.10. The risk of accidental destruction or accidental deterioration of the case passes to us with the handover to the place of execution.

Once a receiving procedure has been agreed, this determines the transfer of risk. In the event of adoption, the legal provisions of the Labour Agreements Act also apply in other respects.4.11. If we do not accept, we do not have the legal provisions. The supplier must also expressly offer us its work when we have agreed on a specific or specific timetable for action or support from us. If we are late, the supplier may, according to the legal provisions, require the replacement of its additional costs.

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