Pangeran Hijau 3 Agreement

The second point of the treaty confirmed the border between the two countries. [3] The Treaty of Alexandropol altered the border of the First Republic of Armenia on the border between Ardahan-Kars and ceded more than half of the First Republic of Armenia to the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. The tenth point of the agreement stipulated that Armenia was renouncing the Treaty of Sevres. The Treaty of Alexandropol is expected to be ratified by the Armenian parliament within one month. This is not because Soviet Russia occupied Armenia. [Citation required] In the agreement signed in Yerevan by the resigned Armenian government and representatives of Soviet Russia, Russia recognized Armenia`s borders, as they had been before the Turkish invasion. However, Soviet Russia finally acceded to Turkey`s territorial claims through the Moscow Treaty signed on March 16, 1921. [Citation required] It was ratified as a treaty by Kars, signed by the Grand National Assembly of Turkey and, at the request of Soviet Russia, by the three Soviet republics of Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan. However, there is strong evidence of the 1873 Equity Agreement, which contains mineral and resource rights. Links to learn more: #TreatyON #TreatiesRecognitionWeek #Treaty3 Currently, 458 users are online.

30 members and 428 guests A place to discuss, exchange/exchange thoughts on different topics. Movies and TV, games, books, wrestling, gossip about celebrities and life in general. Find out and make your own information. The Treaty of the Grand Council #3 #3 as the governing body of the Anishinaabe Nation in the treaty, clearly retains the rights over all surfaces and water in the treaty #3 territory. Mashkode bizhiki pauses to remind you of the excellence #Treaty3 #BEMBASC the Treaty of the Grand Council, #3 is proud to report a trend of more women leaders – 10, to be precise – who lead and inspire the communities of Treaty 3. In exercising its powers, the Grand Council expresses its concern to supporters who engage in commercial activities that could destroy the environment or undermine the traditional activities of individual or collective members of the Anishinaabe Nation in Treaty 3. Links to further reading: #TreatyON #TreatiesRecognitionWeek #Treaty3 Treaty of the Grand Council #3 #3 to the Treaty Anishinaabe Nation.

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