Kareo Customer Agreement

The parties agree that, when used in this Agreement, the following terms have the following meanings, provided that the terms set forth below are considered modified to reflect changes made from time to time to those Terms, as set forth in the HIPAA Data Protection Rules, hipaa security rules, and HITECH standards (together HIPAA rules). Terms used in this Agreement that are not defined elsewhere have the meaning of those terms in the HIPC rules. `provider` means any healthcare professional providing termination services to patients who are a staff member, client or employment, contractor or agent relationship with a client for whom the service organises information and provides medical billing management. The applicable services are maintained for the period indicated in the Customer Agreement and are automatically renewed for additional consecutive periods, unless one of the parties grants at least ten (10) days` notice before the end of the initial term or the current extension period. This agreement will continue until the end of the customer agreement and all services. Customer acknowledges that Kareo invests considerable time and cost in training its employees and independent contractors in the services to be provided under this Agreement. Customer agrees that, for the duration of this Agreement and for one (1) year after termination of the Agreement, no person employed by Kareo during the term of this Agreement, whose obligations include the provision of the Services, whether as a direct employee, independent contractor or representative of another company, is in no way: who provides, recruits or employs the client with services similar to those of Kareo. whether for customers or other kareo customers. By pressing “Accept”, the customer agrees to enter into this agreement. If the customer does not wish to accept these terms, do not click “Accept” and the customer cannot access or use the service. This agreement exists between Kareo, Inc., a California company (Kareo), and the entity or entity that accepts these terms (customer) and covers all services provided by Kareo to the customer. Details can be found on the Pricing and Payments Policy page (which is incorporated into this Agreement for all purposes). For the purposes of messages and communications about the Service (including, but not limited to, collection and payment issues), Kareo may send email notifications to the email address associated with the customer`s account or provide service notifications.

For some messages (for example. B notifications of termination or material infringements), Kareo may send messages to the postal address indicated by the customer. Kareo is not responsible for the customer`s inability to maintain accurate contact information within the service or to verify emails or service messages. The customer has the opportunity to enter into agreements, authorizations, consents and requests; make references; order laboratory tests; prescribe medications; or participate in other transactions electronically. CUSTOMER AGREES THAT ITS ELECTRONIC TRANSMISSIONS THROUGH SERVICES RELATED TO SUCH ACTIVITIES CONSTITUTE ITS CONSENT TO BE BOUND BY SUCH AGREEMENTS AND TRANSACTIONS AND APPLIES TO ALL RECORDS RELATED TO SUCH TRANSACTIONS. . . .

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