Half Of Subject Verb Agreement

I came across a sentence that I believe has a problem with the subject-verb agreement. You can find the following example: As we mentioned in Rule 9 of the subject-verb agreement, a collective subject like Company can accept a singular or plural verb depending on the author`s intent. It seems that the two days are probably the subject, as he should probably read that 90 days in prison were ordered, which makes prison part of a preposition. I would be delighted with your opinion. Thank you! I actually thought they are people who love you because “people” is plural, it takes singular verb, but someone told me that his “people love you” because “people” may seem plural, but it`s counted as a singular. The subject is 12 percent, which will be either singular or plural, depending on the purpose of the preposition that follows. In this sentence, the object of the preposition is construction, which is always singular. So the correct answer is, a. However, if we remove the word “two” from your sentence, it would be written in formal American English as “fifty percent of mangoes are corrupt.” The subject of your rate is 50%.

Fractions and percentages can be either singular or plural depending on the purpose of the next preposition. In this case, mangoes is the subject of the preposition of. Mangos is plural; Therefore, the use is. In addition, our rule 1 of number writing says, “Write down all the numbers that begin a sentence.” Which sentence is correct: “A flood of Tribune employees registers for buyouts” OR “A flood of Tribune employees registers for buyouts”? I saw this article title online today, and it`s wrong to say “signs”. . . .

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