Call Center Service Agreement

This usually happens per minute, as our employees help customers solve their problems. Phone time, chat time, or average response time can be used to calculate the billing process. To make everything smooth, we offer recordings of every call and we can access all chat transcripts on request. When negotiating contracts, pricing is usually the bone of contention. For most contractual agreements, the customer usually pays for the outsourced provider`s team, processes, systems, service delivery and several finished products. It is usually not an article provision. All of the aforementioned services are provided on an integrated solution basis. A change in the requirements of one affects the other and, finally, the overall price. This is a fact that is not normally defined in contractual agreements between outsourced service providers and their customers. If these details are clearly formulated and inserted into the contractual agreement, friction between the two parties will be reduced. 5.3, where a customer requests it to grant a deviation to mobile telephony or a deviation to international service, may charge the customer a diversion fee which must be paid to before providing this service. The cost of an onward transfer to mobile telephony or a deviation to international charges, as indicated in the price list, shall be charged until such diversion fee is extinguished and, in these circumstances, a new diversion fee shall be paid if further services are required in accordance with the provisions of this clause. 9.6 The fees to be paid to the customer are immediately due at and the customer must pay them immediately upon request.

“fees” means the fees payable for the Services (as amended from time to time in accordance with clause 5.6 below), as set out in the price list and the diversion fees. “Customer” means the party designated as such on the Customer`s order form to whom agrees to provide services and pay the fees. 7.5 is not liable for any indirect or consequential loss, damage or expense suffered by the customer, including the loss (but not limited to) anticipated benefits or savings, goodwill, commercial contracts or losses resulting from claims of third parties. Signing SLAs is a necessary element in the case of BPO, especially when it comes to companies that provide contact center services – statistics are of great importance in this area, so SLAs are very thoughtful when it comes to productivity indices…

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