Bmw Power Purchase Agreement

Commercial, industrial and local organizations may overlook potential sources of income. A power purchase agreement (ECA) can be used to reduce costs, finance renewable energy development, reduce total supply costs and generate working capital. The German Energy Agency (Dena) has drawn up a list of recommendations on how the Chinese government can use power purchase agreements – i.e. PPPs without subsidies – to meet its renewable energy targets. These same energy companies have recently succeeded in convincing Beijing to introduce a variable element in the price of electricity to replace the current practice of having a single price determined annually by the authorities, raising fears that electricity produced from coal at a lower cost could undermine renewable energy. As part of our development towards a green company, it was important for us to have an experienced partner like wpd at our side when concluding an ECA. This agreement is another important step for Orange Polska on the road to a green telecommunications company! The German Energy Agency has drawn up a list of proposals for measures that could help the world`s largest solar market accelerate its clean energy projects by adopting unsubsidized – private power purchase agreements. It remains to be seen whether Beijing will take note of the points raised and Dena certainly hopes that A.A. would also advance in its own backyard, with Europe still far behind the UNITED States.

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